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Utility Vehicles
We authorized dealers for both Yamaha and Cushman. We can set up a utility vehicle to meet your needs and budget.
Experience the new Yamaha UMax
Cushman Hauler Pro
Yamaha Flatbeds come in gas or electric models
Yamaha UMax
Cushman Hauler Pro
custom boxes to your specifications
Yamaha Drive2 with black and white cab
UMax2 available in a variety of colors
New Yamaha Drive with steel cargo box
Yamaha Drive Flatbed with fold-down stakesides
Cushman Hauler Pro with Cab
Yamaha Drive with Cargo Box

Hard enclosure
In Northern California

Brian Locher
925-584-9924 or 925-371-5350 x161

Tim Carpenter
925-371-5350 x167

In Southern California

Brian Locher
562-3YAMAHA (562-382-6242), 714-776-9808 or 925-584-9924

We can put fold-down stakesides on any flatbed
Yamaha Drive2 Security
we can build your utility vehicle to meet your specifications
Yamaha Flatbed

Cushman Hauler 4x4 In Stock
Yamaha Drive with rear-facing seat / cargo box combination seat
custom ladder rack
Cushman Hauler 800x
Yamaha Drive 2 with large cargo box
large locking cargo box
Yamaha Drive2 flatbed - white
Cushman Hauler 4x4
Yamaha UMax 1
yamaha drive with 18 inch locking box and ladder rack
Yamaha Drive2 flatbed - white
Cushman Hauler Pro
Yamaha Adventurer 2 Electric
Yamaha Drive with storage cabinet
Yamaha Drive2 flatbed - with flip seat